Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Senior NT Seminar Lectures

This morning I learned from fellow readers, here at Tyndale House, of an opportunity of which I intend to take advantage. At 2:30 pm, today, I expect to attend the lecture for February 6.

University of Cambridge

Faculty of Divinity
Lent Term 2007

The Seminar will take place in the Lightfoot Room at the Faculty of Divinity at 2.30 p.m.
on the following Tuesdays:
  • 23 January
    Dr Andrew Chester
    (Selwyn College)
    The Law of Christ and the Law of the Spirit

  • 6 February
    Prof. John Riches
    (Emeritus Professor, University of Glasgow)
    Westcott and the traditions of Cambridge New Testament scholarship Revisited

  • 20 February
    Prof. Ithamar Gruenwald
    (University of Tel Aviv)
    What can the New Testament tells us of the Judaism of its Time?
    A joint meeting with the Hebrew, Jewish and early Christian Studies seminar

  • 6 March
    Mr Jonathan Moo
    (Corpus Christi College)
    Roman 8.19-22 and Isaiah’s Cosmic Covenant

    Mr Ryan Jackson
    (St Edmund’s College)
    Cosmic Christology and New Creation Epistemology in 2 Cor 5

All welcome