Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

ἐξήγησις: A New Blog

I am announcing today that I am beginning a new blog. What? Starting a new blog, another blog? Well, yes, but it may be that this new blog will become the focus of all my blogging. For far too many reasons to enumerate or even to begin to express, I am finding that I need to concentrate my energies on fewer matters but especially concerning those things wherein my own skills and abilities will make the most difference.

So, today, I am beginning a new blog titled ἐξήγησις, exegesis for non-Greek readers. The banner indicates that the blog will feature exegetical inquiry concerning the Greek New Testament. It will offer exegetical insights from my own labors in the GNT, but it will also raise concerns, issues, and questions about passages within the GNT over which I puzzle.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tyndale House

Tyndale House, Cambridge, has a nice new web site. Take a look.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Faith of Jesus Christ, Paternoster

The Faith of Jesus Christ:Exegetical, Biblical and Theological Studies (page 3).

Edited by Michael F. Bird and Preston M. Sprinkle

The Faith of Jesus Christ represents an attempt to grapple with one of the most perplexing problems in Pauline studies, namely that of the phrase pistis christou. Issues of considerable theological import hinge on how we interpret it (does it mean ‘faith in Christ’ or ‘the faithfulness of Christ’?). The topic is now well rehearsed in contemporary scholarship and this volume sheds new light on the question by presenting rigorous exegetical studies from both sides of the debate. It also brings creative new proposals to bear on the problem, and orients the discussion in the wider spectrum of historical, biblical and systematic theology.

The Faith of Jesus Christ represents the most penetrating and comprehensive attempt to date to grapple with the significance of Jesus’ faithfulness and obedience for Christian salvation and the extent to which it is represented in key biblical texts.

Contributors include Francis Watson, Douglas Campbell, Stanley Porter, David DeSilva, Paul Foster, Richard Bell, Joel Willitts, Mark Seifrid, Barry Matlock, Michael Bird, Andrew Pitts, Mark Elliott, Ardel Caneday, Peter Bolt, Bruce Lowe, Bill Salier, Debbie Hunn, Ben Myers, and Preston Sprinkle. Foreword by James D.G. Dunn.

Michael F. Bird is Tutor in New Testament at Highland Theological College, Scotland; Preston M. Sprinkle is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Cedarville University, USA Apr 09 / 978-1-84227-641-9 / £14.99 (est.) / 229 x 152mm / 208pp (est.) / World (excluding North America) / Biblical Studies/New Testament

The book is to be published by Hendrickson in the USA.

The essay that I wrote for the book came out of some of the research that I did while at Tyndale House during my sabbatical during the winter-spring of 2007.

TH Newsletter

Check out the 2009 edition of the Tyndale House Newsletter.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tyndale Bulletin Now Online

This is a wonderful way to start off a new year. We may now access online back issues of the Tyndale Bulletin, beginning with 1956.

Thanks to David Instone-Brewer and all at Tyndale House for tackling and completing this massive project. When I was studying at Tyndale House two years ago, at this time, the folks were clearing out closet space by removing boxes of back issues and giving them away as they were beginning the digitizing process.

This project provides a great resource for scholars world-wide. Thanks Tyndale House!