Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dry Mini Wheats or Mini Wheats with Milk?

It is a strange sound at the end of January to wake to the sounds of song birds chirping, each one contributing its own notes to a harmonic cacophony.

Having had insufficient time yesterday to stock my pantry with bread, milk, and other perishable goods, I rose to realize that I would be eating dry mini wheats unless I took a walk to locate a market to purchase a few items. With no specific clarity as to where I might find a corner market but only a general sense of the direction where it might be, I set out in the cool morning air to locate a storefront that would look like a market. At last, I found it tucked away in a spot where I would not have expected it.

I gathered a few items--milk, bread, butter, orange juice. I left the half dozen "free range" eggs that I had picked up and pondered. They're not refrigerated. That seemed strange to me. Unrefrigerated eggs? Hmmm! Maybe that's the way here. I don't know. I'll need to inquire about that. I did observe yesterday at Cumberland House B&B that the yolk of my egg was unusually orange, not yellow, but actually orange. Maybe it was a "free range" egg.

As for the quart of orange juice, it cost the same as my blue bottle of "still" water at Ye Olde Six Bells,
£2.95. It contains twice the liquid that the blue bottle held, but it is still rather pricey. Think of it! One quart of orange juice at the equivalent of $6.00. Hmmm! Will I have to give up drinking orange juice?

In the end, I didn't have dry mini wheats. I didn't have mini wheats with milk, either. I didn't even have mini wheats. Instead, I had toast with butter. I had pondered whether I should purchase some raspberry "conserves" ("preserves" for us Americans). I should have done so. It would have made the toast more delectable. Perhaps I will have my raspberry jam tomorrow, but if so, I will need to take a break today to go to the super market and make some larger purchases today.