Monday, January 29, 2007

Four Hour Bus Ride and Settling In

Following a full English breakfast (egg, sausage, bacon, potato cake, tomato, beans, and toast), Clive shuttled me to Gatwick airport to take the bus to Cambridge. The ride would have been a touch more pleasant, if the National Express would spend just a few pounds to have someone hose down the bus to remove the grime, dirt, and dust that covers the large coach side windows that were engineered into the coach for viewing the countryside. Oh well! Four long hours later, I arrived at the bus station in Cambridge only to transfer to a cab for a £5.80 ride to Tyndale House.

I received a quick tour of the properties for orientation, I've been settling in today, received network and internet connections for my computer, and I've done some correspondence. Tomorrow I start engaging heavy-duty research.