Sunday, January 28, 2007

Arrived in Gatwick

After sitting in the plane at the gate in Minneapolis for a half hour past the scheduled lift off time, we finally took off. Even so, we arrived a half hour early in London. However, once we landed we had to wait for emergency workers to come onto the plane to tend to a woman who had a medical emergency about halfway through our flight. Evidently she had a recent heart transplant and flew against her doctor's orders. It seems that she was alright. Overhearing one of the flight attendants, it seems that she may have had a panic attack.

Thanks to my colleague, Ed Glenny who recommended this Bed & Breakfast in Horley not far from Gatwick Airport, for tonight I am staying in the Cumberland House and will take the bus in the morning to Cambridge. Just a short walk down a street lined with quaint homes and cottages, where the street takes a sharp bend, is Ye Olde Six Bells Pub. I had a wonderful meal there this evening, Roast Sirloin of Beef. Eating alone at a pub is not a particularly enjoyable experience even though the food was delicious. Pubs are meant to be enjoyed with companions and friends.

I enjoyed reading the clever wit posted about the pub. Low half-timber ceilings called for warnings to watch the head, such as, "Duck or Grouse."